Managed IT Services

Endpoint Protection Solutions

Avast Business Anti-viruses offer the essential endpoint protection for small & medium sized businesses to protect against viruses, malware and provide a safe online experience. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Stops ransomware, viruses, and other malware attacks
  • Crowd-sourced, white-listed data for better outbound protection
  • One-click scan for malware, software updates, network problems & performance improvement
  • Virtualized, isolated environment to test files risk- free
  • Scans whole networks for vulnerable devices and compromised services with step-by-step remediation
  • End DNS hijacking, always visit the intended site
  • Remove vulnerabilities, keeps 3rd party applications up-to-date
  • Optimized protection for SharePoint Servers, scans files before upload
  • Provides extra security and protects your privacy on Wi-Fi and public networks

Business CloudCare

When customers have high expectations but modest budgets, we help you enhance your service and margins. CloudCare is a web-based security portal with premium remote control that simplifes how you manage all your customers’ networks from a single, central platform and pay-as-you-go services that deliver the essential services every business needs.Help boost your profit margins with cloud services and demonstrate added value to your customers. Identify revenue opportunities with real-time sales alerts. Pay only for the services your customers use. With remote access and one-click activation, costs are minimized so even your smallest customers can be profitable. Remotely manage your customers from our free, cloud-based administration platform, enabling you to save both time and travel costs. Real-time and automatic updates mean less work for you.

  • One-click customer and service activation
  • Real-time alerts and sales alerts
  • Flexible and co-branded reporting
  • 30-day trials for multiple services
  • Easy policy management
  • No upfront investment
  • No licence keys, no seat limits
  • Avast Business CloudCare Forum

Managed Workplace

Managed Workplace puts you steps ahead. Accelerate your sales with an all-new, simplified service delivery model to provide never-before-seen standardization and efficiency out of the box. An action-packed dashboard provides the insight and clarity into how your service offering is directly benefiting your customers with increased uptime, stability and security. Choose the Service Plan that best suits your customer today. Customize or upsell as their needs change. Managed Workplace is an all new, simplified and centrally planned service delivery platform that changes everything. Our new service plan model saves time, drives.